Videos & Exercises

Practise pointing your toes, the demi-plié, the princess walk and the fairy dance.

Practise your ballet with this Twinklesteps video.
Listen to Twinklesteps, she is reminding you what to do…
This first video shows three basic steps.

First exercise - Exercise for legs and feet

Stretch your legs out in front and turn your feet up. Stretch through your feet right to the end of your toes. Remember to try not to bend your knees. Keep your body pulled up too.

Second exercise - Demi- Plié

The ballet names are in French so can sometimes be a little hard to remember. Plié means to bend and demi means half.
Feet in first position, remember to turn out from the tops of your legs and not just your feet. When you do your demi- plié, open from the tops of your legs and make sure your knees go over your toes. Keep all your toes on the floor and be careful to keep your heels down too - some magic dust under the heels may help!

Third exercise - Princess Walks.

These are also called classical walks.
Feet in first position, hold your skirt or put your hands on your waist.
Imagine you are a Princess with a beautiful tiara on your head. Remember to keep your body pulled up and look very proud too.
We are going to do 4 walks showing how you can stretch your feet, right to the ends of your toes. Imagine you are wearing Twinklesteps’s shoes and they sparkle when you stretch your toes. Then a beautiful ballerina turn to finish.

Fourth exercise - Fairy Dance

Have some fun! You can make up your own fairy dance, or copy Joanna’s.
If you have some fairy wings and a wand you could use them in your dance or you can just pretend. Show lovely little fairy steps and perhaps make some magic with your wand.

We will have more videos coming soon showing different steps for you to practise. Watch out for the video showing Twinklesteps’s Sparkling shoes…. Coming soon!