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Twinklesteps makes learning fun.

Twinklesteps is a little girl who LOVES dancing. She’s also a fairy and has magical shoes that light up and sparkle when she dances. She practises her ballet every day, loves adventures, solving problems and making new friends. She loves to help people and is very kind. She is naturally curious, bold and sometimes a bit cheeky!

Imagination and play is a wonderful way of encouraging young children to enjoy dance & the delights of ballet so it’s no coincidence that imagination and ballet often go hand in hand when it comes to inspiring young children to dance.

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Love imagination, love dance.

There’s a magical quality about ballet: the beautiful costumes, the storytelling and the other worldly feel of watching dancers move so gracefully, so the magical world of fairies is an ideal theme to introduce children to creative movement and basic ballet steps.

With that in mind the Twinklesteps character was developed as an inspiring role model to encourage younger children to dance.



Twinklesteps Inspiring & motivating young children to enjoy the world of ballet & dance through imagination & play.

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